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Kappa Delta Sorority Gifts

I wanted to share some images of a few other Kappa Delta gifts that my daughter made for her little sister.  They all turned out so wonderful.  I think you will agree.

This is a cute lime green bucket that I picked up.  We cut a white rose bud out of white vinyl and then the stem out of black vinyl.  We also cut the Kappa Delta out of black vinyl and then used the white for the word, "Elegance," which was the pledge class theme.  Then Dulce filled it with her little sisters favorite treats.  It was a hit!

Sarah, Dulce's little sister, loves bows, so we picked up this cute teal bow and I had an found an old half pearl button in my grandmother's button bag.  I used some teal vinyl, which matched the bow perfectly, to cut out an "S."  Sarah loved it!

These cute "cupcakes" are made out of fuzzy socks.  I saw a photo of these and thought they were just adorable, so we recreated them.

Take a pair of fuzzy socks and beginning at the toes roll them up tightly pulling the center up just slightly making it look like frosting on the top of a cupcake.  I used a clear rubber band at the bottom of the sock roll to secure it.

Then we cut a cupcake wrapper template to cut out a wrapper for the bottom of the sock roll.  Popped it into a clear bag and added ribbon on the top.

Such a great idea.  Kudos to the original creator of this idea.  I would love to give you credit, but don't know who you are.  Thanks.  Too Cute!!!!  These will make wonderful Christmas gifts.

Our next project was for a cute little Build-A-Bear.  Dulce picked up a few tshirts for the bear and we cut out this cute "My Big Loves Me!" and a KD for the other shirt.

We used a plain cotton material to cut the letters out with our cricut.  Before we cut the fabric we washed it, and ironed it and then applied a heavy duty "heat-n-tranfer" iron on fusible backing.

Once the letters were cut, we were able to iron them onto the little bear sized tshirts.  Oh my goodness, how very precious they are.

Everyone who saw these wanted one for their bear, too!

Great way to personalize a Build-A-Bear even more.

Our next task was to design a pillow, which is a tradition that the big sister's give to their little's for sweet dreams.  Well, Dulce's little sister likes shades of blue, so we found a navy pillow that we could use without having to start from scratch.

I didn't think that iron on backing would be the best to use since the letters would be just to small to stitch down.  So, I did a little research and we decided to try tshirt vinyl made to cut on your cricut.  It turned out GREAT!  For great tshirt vinyl CLICK HERE!  We used white on this navy pillow.  It was cut using Sure Cuts A Lot 2 and the font was AKA Dora.

Please see my gallery for many other photos of the craft projects that we did by CLICKING HERE!

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