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For Beautiful Eyes & Skin - Chill Out!

It's time for this week's beauty tip and here is one that I have done for years - even way back during those pageant days.

Wait, you want to see some big hair first...Check this out! LOL.

Told you it was big hair!  Those were the '80's!  My kids still get such a laugh out of these old photos.  Any way, I seriously digressed here.  Forgive me.

As I was saying, my beauty tip of the week is to Chill Out!  What I mean to say is "chill out" your eye cream and a face spritzer.  That's right, during the hot summer months keep your eye cream and simple water based face spritzer in the refrigerator.  After you have had your shower and are getting ready in the morning, head to the kitchen and pull the spritzer bottle out of the frig for a quick squirt on your face.  Then put a dab of chilled eye cream on your eyes and enjoy the sensation.

If you are prone to any swelling around your eyes in the morning, this trick usually does the trick to remove the puffiness almost instantly and the coolness feels so good.

For my face spritzer, I use a small spray bottle with some water and a few drops of rose water or vanilla oil.  You can choose your favorite scents to add in to the water.  Then just hold the bottle in front of your face and close your eyes and apply a spray or two.  It is so refreshing.

I have been known to stop by the kitchen on really hot days and grab a quick spray just as a quick cooling off.  It really works.

So, don't forget and Chill Out for great skin and beautiful eyes.

Be Blessed,

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