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Make All Natural, Yummy Smelling DIY Hand Soap for pennies

I have a wonderful tutorial over on today on how to make an All Natural, Yummy Smelling DIY Hand Soap for just pennies.  Head over there and check it out. 
Basil Lime All Natural, Yummy Smelling, DIY Hand Soap
by The31Woman, Glori Winders

My hubby loves the smell, Basil Lime, and it makes the kitchen smell divine just from washing your hands.  And the best part is that I control the ingredients.  The bar of soap that I used was by South of France that I purchased from for under $3.00.  The soap was made from coconut oil, olive oil, vegetable glycerin, shea butter, basil leaf, natural and essential oils and mineral pigments: No chemicals that I can't name, or additives that I would not want on my skin.  

Making this recipe into a body wash would be pretty identical.  Just find a bar of soap that has the scent and ingredients that you like.  Also great for a baby's sensitive skin.  I hope you enjoy.  I know that we are!

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