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My Heart is Filled with Joy to Announce...

G&J My son, Joshua and me.

I know that most mothers would say that they have the best son, but it just simply can not be true because I do! Joshua has been a delight since the day he was born. I do not exaggerate. He is easy going, compassionate, and thoughtful. I could always count on him to be respectful and loving.

Someone once called Joshua a Gentle Giant and I think it is very appropriate. He may be gentle, but there is fire inside. He has tenacity and strength. At 19 years old when most kids are off to college Joshua chose to pack up all that he owned in his car with no air conditioning and drive alone across the country to Los Angeles. He had no job lined up. He had no place to live. But, he felt it was where God wanted him and he followed.

3457392_orig Joshua in action

It has been almost 1 year since that gutsy move and I am so proud of the man that Joshua has grown to be. He survived nights in his car, hunger, loneliness and trying to find his place in the cold town of LA. I’m so thankful for some good friends that he has made who have lifted him when he needed it. And, I’m thankful that he is finding his passion. He was not sure what he wanted or was supposed to do in LA. So as a time filler and hobby he began going out and taking random photos around the city. He really enjoyed this exercise and found that he had quite a talent in the area of photography.

We’ve always known that Joshua had an eye for detail and thought outside the box. This shows through in his photographs. He has been encouraged 1471159_origby many who have seen his work to build a website to display and sell his prints. He has just completed the initial work on the site and I am so excited to share it with you.

If you need art for your home or office, do yourself a favor and check out his site. Or if you just want to enjoy some stunning photos, then grab a glass of wine, turn on some jazz and click the link below to be inspired.

Ladies & Gentlemen I present

J.K.Winders Photography!




My Heart is Filled with Joy to Announce...

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