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Fuel Your Kids Passion

We have always tried to fuel whatever our children had a passion for. Our son, Joshua, has loved trains, karate, boy scouts, science, computers and more. He has always excelled at whatever he has done. And, we expect that of him. He is now 17 years old, and is focused on the film industry. He wants to write and direct movies.

Last summer he completed his first full length script, an adaptation of Treasure Island. He has had the opportunity, because we Homeschool, to work on a film project of a friend of ours which has taken him to LA, Angola Prison, and Lake Oconee.

Recently he has been producing short films. And, this is his latest. He and his sister went to Savannah for two days and he filmed this while he was there. Joshua immediately came home, edited the footage and produced this movie. Savannah's Tourism has already taken notice and want to use it on their twitter and facebook pages. How cool!

I hope you enjoy, "Heart of Savannah."

Glori Winders
The 31 Woman

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