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The Happy Box! A Great Gift For A Crafter

The first gift that the girls in her sorority give their new littles is a "Happy Box," which is full of crafting supplies.  A very cute idea.  Dulce had picked up pens, glues, scissors, scrapbook papers, stickers, ribbons, beads and more over the holiday for the inside of the box.  Now we needed to decorate the outside.

As a note, we used our Cricut Create with 6 X 12 mats to cut the deigns and the Sure Cuts A Lot 2 (SCAL) software to design everything.

First we wanted the top to say, "Sarah's Happy Box."  I thought that it would be cute to add one of their symbols, as well.  Oh, and Sarah (Dulce's Little) loves pastel colors, so we chose our vinyl accordingly.

We used carnation pink vinyl and the Happy Days font for the top.  I cut it on a path using an oval so that the design would curve around the handle of the box.

We used the same carnation pink vinyl and an svg that I made of Kappa Delta's nautilus.  We used the shadow setting in SCAL  and cut the bottom layer out with a Shadow (rounded) of 1.0 in the pink vinyl and the cut the top layer Normal in a Maize color vinyl.  It turned out very cute.  We cut two of these shells to use on either side of the top.

Next, we started on the sides.  The first side simply said, "Kappa Delta."  We used the Happy Days font and a green vinyl for the top layer and a white vinyl for the bottom layer which we cut as a Shadow (rounded) at 1.0.

On another side of the box we added the name of this year's pledge class, Elegance.  We used the carnation pink vinyl for the word and the a light green vinyl for the flourish underneath.

I found a cute svg file of a diamond and cut 3 out in various sizes our of a silver vinyl.

On one the smaller sides we added a bow in teal and maize vinyl and AOT (It's a secret among KD's, they won't tell, so I don't even ask)

On the last side we added her little's monogram, which I don't have a photo of here.

After my daughter, Dulce, got all of the vinyl on the box this is the video that she made and sent me of the completed Happy Box.  This would be a great gift idea for any crafter that you know.

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