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Beauty & Travel Tip - Vaseline Is All You Need

This weeks beauty tip is also a great travel tip, as well. About two year's ago I was attending a luncheon in our development for ladies and we began talking about travel and how it had changed post 9/11. Several of the women were talking about how they hated packing, especially hair care products. Most of their styling gels came in containers that were larger than the 2 oz. allowed for carry on, which meant that they had to check their bags - which of course their husband's hated.

One of the ladies at our table spoke up and said that she had just returned from a 3 week vacation to Australia and London and had carried-on. What?  Three weeks worth of clothes, makeup, skin care and hair care all in a carry-on. No would could believe it. She went on to explain that she was very good with choosing coordinating pieces to her wardrobe that allowed her to make many outfits out of just a few pieces. She stuck with a base color, so that she didn't need many different shoes or pieces of jewelry.

Then she went on to explain that rather than take lots of skin care and hair care products she just carried a small jar of vaseline.  She uses it to remove her makeup, moisturize her face and lips, as well as hands, feet and elbows.  She also uses it as her styling gel when she gets out of the shower.  A little dab will do ya!  Granted, she is like me and sports a short, spunky hairstyle.  But, I couldn't believe vaseline for those many uses.

Well, I decided to give it a try - and it works!  My face, especially under my eyes, is so much smoother.  My hair is like silk when I use the vaseline as a styling gel and it has a healthy glow.  I love it and it makes packing SO easy.

It may not work for everyone, especially if you are prone to oily skin and/or hair, but those of us on the dryer side have a new best friend - VASELINE!

Happy Packing.

Be Blessed,

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