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A Little Cup To Unwind With...

I LOVE my life!!!!  I'm so glad God made me - well me, even with all my quirks.  But, life does get pretty hectic sometimes and you just have to take a little time to unwind.  This summer we have a house full of folks: me, my handsome and excellent in everyway hubbie, our totally cool teenage son (future Oscar winner in the making for Best Director and Movie of the Year), our amazing daughter home from college (future Best Selling author and clothing/accessory designer) and her wonderful boyfriend (all around great guy and awesome connector of people - a true gift).

With this many talented, creative folks under one roof and ideas flowing constantly, we have found that "unwinding" time is essential.  So, my honey and I have taken to sitting by the pool every afternoon, unless we have rain, for about an hour or so and just going over our day and any ideas that we need the others help with.  It has been so enjoyable, plus my tan is not too bad either.

I just got the cute Provo Crafts Nifty Fifties Cricut Cartridge in and it had the cutest designs, so I decided to make us Pool Cups.  They turned out so "ADORABLE."

I love the olives and retro feel.  And, our fav treat to nibble on by the pool has been Triscut's and cream cheese with an olive on top.  So, how perfect!

Oh my, it's almost time to go catch some rays with my honey!  Yippe.  

Be Blessed,

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