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A Paper Rosette Name Frame for Delaney

My AWESOME niece, Delaney's, birthday is today.  Happy Birthday, girl.  And, I wanted to make her a little something-something for her room since she is getting older and wanting to redeocrate a bit.  I have just figured out a quick and foolproof way of making beautiful paper rosettes and made a big pile in her favorite colors: PINK & LIME GREEN!  What a girly girl.

I decided to make a Name Frame using the pink and green colors and paper rosettes (which I will be showing you how to do later this week - wink, wink.)

Here is what you will need:

A picture frame painted any color you like

Some card stock cut to fit the frame

A Name cut out in vinyl 

Embossing folders and embosser, optional

Ribbon, optional

Paper Rosettes

Here is how to do it:

Be Blessed

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