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Shark Tank Has Turned Me On To Onesoles

In our family, we are serial entrepreneurs.  We love the thrill of creating something from nothing and watching it grow.  Even our children have been developing and running businesses since they were 8 and 9  years old.  So, it is no wonder that we love the ABC show Shark Tank.

Back in May, they aired a show with a women who loved shoes.  And from that love, she developed a company called OneSoles.  The idea is that if you have a beautiful and comfy bottom of shoe that you love, wouldn't it be great to be able just to change the top of the shoe to match your outfit.  Think of the possibilities and the ease of packing.  Wear the shoes and only have to pack these light weight toppers that lay flat.  Wow.  I love it.  Well, so did the Shark's and they fought to work with her.  I am very excited to see where her company will end up.

I was very intrigued and so was my husband.  He said, "I would not have to pack an entire suitcase just for shoes on our next trip.  You should order some of those."  Well, if I get that kind of approval I am ordering ASAP.  And, I did.

The Verdict:  These shoes are wonderful.  I love them.  They are beyond comfortable which is a plus.  And, the idea of being able to purchase lots of different tops at a $7.00-25.00 price point is just awesome.  On top of that, I wore them on 4th of July out to watch the fireworks.  It rained earlier in the evening and the ground was yuk.  When I got home, my shoes were covered in grass and mud.  This was going to be the real test.  Would they clean up?

I snapped the tops off and ran the bottoms under some cool water using my hand to rub the dirt off.  They cleaned in an instant.  I sat them on the counter to dry and proceeded to wash the tops.  They cleaned up quickly, too!  Now to see how they would dry. The next morning I took a look and you would have thought that I had just taken them out of the box from the store.  They were perfect.

Needless to say I am sold and now a HUGE fan of Onesoles.  Check out their site here.

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