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Another Quickie Gift Idea from The 31 Woman

Here is another quickie gift idea I wanted to share with you.  Hopefully I will get some videos done soon, but this summer has been pretty busy.

The other day I was at Michael's and they had these cute little candles on sale for 50¢.  I picked up several just to have for a quick gift.  Well, I have already given them all away.  I came up with the cutest way to decorate them, and have been able to give them as hostess gifts, a little gift for a friend and 2 birthday gifts.

For this candle, I cut a last initial out of yellow vinyl to match the lemon candle.  I tied a little piece of raffia around the top.  Then I used my favorite Cricut Storybook Cartridge to cut out a design for the top.  The candle has a little plastic cover on it that is about 2" in diameter.  So, I choose one of the flowers from the cartridge and cut out a 2" blackout flower and then the cooresponding 2" cutout flower and glued the two pieces together.  I added a little brad in the middle of the flower and used pop-dots to attach it to the little plastic cover.  

Very Cute!  I used this one as a hostess gift.

Here is another one that I made again using the Storybook Cricut Cartridge to cut out the vinyl for the side of the candle and to make a topper for the candle.

I used little rhinestones to decorate the butterfly.

Another quick tip is that I always try to keep these three things on hand for quick gift giving:

Personalized Labels For That Special, "I Made This Just For You" Touch

And, clear bags and basket filler.  I have lots of sizes of clear bags and many different colors of basket filler.  They come in so handy.  I buy my bags from Nashville Wraps and/or

I hope this gave you a few ideas for your quick gift giving needs. 

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