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Saturday's Beauty Tip - Avoid the Makeup Meltdown

With the heatwave that has been gripping our nation this summer I am sure that more than a few of you had to deal with the dreaded Makeup Meltdown.  In this heat, it is hard to keep your foundation from simply melting off of your face.  A great suggestion that I have is to use a tinted moisturizing cream instead of a foundation.

I love Neutrogena's Light Tint Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizing Cream ( I am not getting paid to endorse them).  It gives a nice even glow to my face while making it silky smooth.  I smooth it on in place of foundation.  Then before applying the rest of my makeup, I use a loose face powder to set the cream in place.  This gives you a beautiful, flawless finish without having to worry about it melting off of your face the minute you step out of the house.

Have a beautiful Saturday!

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