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Dulce Taylor: Basic Shorts -- Pattern Tutorial

I am going to have Dulce guest blog again today and show you her cute shorts pattern.  You still have a little summer heat to deal with and these shorts whip up really quickly.  Here's Dulce...

Hello everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make a basic shorts pattern! Here's what you need:

-Large piece of pattern paper
-Straight Ruler and Curved Ruler
-Measuring Tape

First, take the following measurements:

(a) Measure around the place on your hips or waist where you want the band of your shorts to lie (ex. 28")
(b) Measure around your hips (ex. 34")
(c) Measure the distance from the band to your hips. (ex. 3")
(d) Measure from the place where you want the band down past the hip to the length you want your shorts (ex. 11.5")
(e) Measure around the part of your leg where you want the length to be (ex. 19")
(f) Sit on a flat chair and measure from your band to the chair. This is your crotch depth. let's get started! 

(1) On a large piece of pattern paper or poster board, draw a straight line representing about 1/3 of the distance from the right side of the paper. We will start off working on the left side of this line. 

(2) A little ways down the line, mark a dot. Divide your band measurement by 4 (ex. 28/4 = 7"). Draw a line this length straight out from the dot toward the left side of the paper. Measure up 1.5" from this line and draw another line that is the same length. Connect the two lines, making a rectangle. 

(3) Using the measurement from your band to your hip, measure down from the band dot and mark another dot representing your hip. Take your hip measurement and divide it by 4 (ex. 8.5"). Draw a line this length straight out from the dot. 

(4) Now measure down on the vertical line from the band using the length measurement and mark a dot representing length. Divide your leg measurement by two (ex. 19/2 = 9.5") and draw a line straight out from the dot.

(5) Using a curved ruler, connect the lines representing your band, hip, and length. 

(6) Using your crotch depth measurement, measure down from the band and mark a dot on the vertical line. Now divide your hip measurement by 8 (ex. 34/8 = 4.25"). Using this measurement, measure out from the dot on the RIGHT side of the vertical line. Draw a line out from the length dot the same length as the line you just drew. Connect the two lines, making a rectangle/square shape.

(7) Using your curved ruler again, draw a curve from the far top point of the square/rectangle to the band dot. 

(8) Almost Done!!! Now draw a line about an inch underneath the length line. Connect it to the length line. This represents our hem. 

(9) Now add a 1/2" seam allowance on both sides of the pattern. 

(10) Label your pattern and draw a vertical grain line....

...cut out....and you're done!!! Stick around for tomorrow's tutorial on how to sew these super easy shorts!



  1. Hello. I was looking to your shorts tutorial, can you let me know how to do the measurements for the back side if shorts. Thank you.

  2. im assuming its the same measurements because it says to cut out 4 pieces.

  3. No offense, but this isn't a very good tutorial. The measurements are different from the pattern you're drafting. On the picture, you're instructing people to measure halfway down their thigh, when your pattern stops dead at the crotch depth. As well, as your waist measurement isn't at the true waist. This is great for anyone with previous pattern drafting skills, because we can figure it out, but this isn't good for anyone just learning how to make patterns.


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