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Dulce Taylor: Basic Shorts -- Sewing Tutorial

It's Dulce here.  So, we've made a basic shorts pattern, now let's make some shorts!!! You will need about a yard of fabric (depends on your measurements), and 7" invisible zipper.

(1) Using the shorts pattern we made yesterday, cut out four pieces.

Make sure you cut two pieces facing one way and two pieces facing another! 

(2) Place your invisible zipper along the long side of one of the pieces. Start from the band line, not the very top of the shorts. Mark the spot on the shorts piece where the bottom of the zipper ends with a pin. 

(3) Place the right sides of two opposite-facing pieces together and stitch up the side to the pin using a 1/2" seam allowance. 

(4) Install the zipper according to the instructions that come with it. 

(5) Now stitch the short straight side of these two pieces together and press open the seams.

(6) Place the right sides of the other two opposite-facing pieces together and stitch along the long curved edge and the short straight edge. 

(7) Now, turn one piece right side out and place it inside the other piece which should be turned inside out. Line up the long curve on both pieces which should be shaped like a "U." Pin the right sides of both curves together. Stitch along this curve using a 1/2" seam allowance. Then pull out the piece on the inside...and you should have something that is starting to look like a pair of shorts!

(8) With the shorts flipped inside out, roll the top of the band down 1/2" and then fold down another 1". Make sure you fold the band over the tops of the zipper! Press the band down and stitch along the bottom of the fold and then topstitch around the top of the band. (If you want your band to be a bit stiffer, iron on a long, thin strip of fusible interfacing before you fold down the band and stitch.)

(9) Finally, pin and stitch the hem on both short legs. Make sure they are even lengths before you stitch them!!!

There you have it! Some cute, comfy, and easy shorts! And let me tell you...they are so comfy!!! I want to make several more pairs for next summer!



  1. what kind of fabric would you recommend?

  2. Thanks for the question. I am going to ask Dulce to comment on this for you since she is the sewing master!

  3. For these shorts, I just used a simple, basic cotton. The fabric was light and perfect for summer, yet still thick enough not to be too revealing :)

  4. Cute shorts, and they are so simple :)

  5. great pattern and tutorial. good job

  6. does anyone has the pattern???
    is no longer available...

    1. I thought it was gone to but if you scroll to the previous post it's right there.

    2. got it :)
      thanks!!! :)
      both front and back patterns are the same?
      usually they are slightly different in between legs...

  7. I'd love this pattern, too, but I can't seem to find it either. I don't know what is meant by "scroll to the previous post" in the comment above. More instructions?

  8. Same here! Clicked to the link at the start of the post ( " So, we've made a basic shorts pattern, now let's make some shorts!!!") but the page doesn't exist any more. Would love to make some nice ones for the summer!


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