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Why I Wrote The Top 21 Quick & Easy Paleo Recipes


I am so excited about the release of my newest cookbook, The Top 21 Quick & Easy Paleo Recipes.  It is filled with 25 yummy and kid-friendly recipes that will be a great addition to your Paleo Diet. These recipes are also perfect for diabetics and those cooking low-carb. Most recipes can be used on a Candida diet, as well.

So why did I chose Paleo?  I’ve spent years trying and testing “diets” for healthy eating.  For years, I followed a Yeast-Free diet to keep Candida under control.  I also have extended family members who have diabetes and others who deal with gluten sensitivity.  The more I studied the more I like the Paleo diet.

The Paleo Diet is based on the types of foods humans ate prior to the advent of agriculture.  This diet has produced better health outcomes for type 2 diabetics than standard high-fiber, low-fat diets and even the Mediterranean diet, which is touted for it’s heart health and prevention of chronic disease.  This diet is also ideal for people avoiding gluten, yeast, and most common allergens.

Robb Wolf, an authority on the Paleo Diet says, “It is our modern diet, full of refined foods, trans fats and sugar that is at the root of degenerative diseases such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, depression and infertility.”

Although there are a growing number of variations, the Paleo diet consists mainly of fish, grass-fed pasture-raised meats, eggs, vegetables, fruit, fungi, roots, and nuts, and excludes what are perceived to be agricultural products: grains, legumes, dairy products, potatoes, refined salt, refined sugar, and processed oils.

With the Paleo Diet many have seen a decrease in appetite which means you usually eat less, plus cholesterol, blood sugar, insulin levels and blood pressure fall into line.   And, Paleo Dieters usually feel more satisfied which makes a long-term lifestyle change easily achievable.

The basic building blocks of the Paleo Diet are lean meats, seafood, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds and healthy fats.  The foods that are avoided include dairy, grains, processed food and sugars, legumes, starches and alcohol.

Many health food proponents dislike the Paleo Diet because it eliminates many foods that they promote such as lentils, soy, hummus, beans, wild rice, quinoa and dairy.  Paleo proponents argue that these foods have only been consumed by humans for a relatively short time in our history, and as a result, our genetic makeup is simply not adapted for them.  The rise of Gluten intolerance should be an indicator that our bodies may, in fact, have an issue with the digestion of grains.  As far as dairy, we are the only mammal that continues to drink milk once we are weaned.  Also, no other mammal in nature consumes the milk of another species. And, don’t even get me started on GMO’s when it comes to grains and legumes.

After years of eating a Yeast-Free Diet and a Low-Carb diet, I have happily embraced the Paleo Diet.  To me it just makes sense, plus my body loves it.  I have noticed over the years that grains and legumes just don’t sit well with me or my family.  We have also noticed that we all have issues when we consume dairy, except for my homemade yogurt.  My daughter had chronic ear infections, while my husband and I had a drainage at the back of our throats.  When we stopped consuming dairy those issues ceased.  Instead of cow or goat’s milk we use coconut milk, and almond milk.  All very tasty!

One issue that I do see happen with almost every diet, however,  is that there are always extremist.  With the Paleo Diet, there are those that go to the extreme by eating butter straight, or making mayonnaise out of bacon grease.  Let’s use a little common sense here.  Moderation is a good thing.  I use real butter, never margarine.  But, butter is a condiment not a main food ingredient.  We do eat bacon, but I don’t have to over do it with the bacon fat.

When shopping for foods I encourage you to purchase organic, grass-fed meats, wild caught seafood, free-range, organic poultry and eggs, as well as organic fruits and vegetables whenever you can.  I love it when I can find a source for local foods.  I especially love local, raw honey.

Eating a Paleo Diet does not have to be expensive or difficult.  I have spent many hours converting recipes, working to make them easy to prepare all while ensuring that they taste great.  I hope that you find this collection of recipes easy to prepare, delicious and a great edition to your Paleo lifestyle.

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Why I Wrote The Top 21 Quick & Easy Paleo Recipes

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