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A Creative Tumbler For A Creative Fellow...

My nephew, Dax, celebrated his 13th birthday this week. I can't believe he is that old. Wow. Anyway, he is one creative fellow - always drawing cartoons, video game characters, etc. In fact, he wants to design video games one day. He already has the stories written for his first game. I know he'll be great at it.

I wanted to make him a gift that let him know how much I believe in him, so I created this tumbler using the Cricut cartridge, "Wall Decor and More." I am loving this cartridge. So many great possibilities.

I used red, black and white since he is a UGA Bulldog fan.

I have black basket filler inside, which is making it a bit hard to see the black images on the cup, sorry.

The tumbler has phrases like: pray, have faith, dream, create, inspire, believe, imagine, etc...  I also used an image of a light bulb and some paint brushes.  And, of course, his name.

Be Blessed,

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