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Cute Little Hershey Nuggets...

I got this cute idea for turning Hershey's Nuggets into great little favors.  This came from Robyn over at  First off, purchase a bag of little Hershey's Nuggets.  Then use cute scrapbook paper that's fits your need and cut into 1 X 3 inch strips.

I made mine assembly line style, so I laid out each strip and ran a strip of glue down the middle of each one.  

Lay a nugget in the center of each strip.

Next, warp the paper around each nugget and press well to seal.

Here is my pile of yummy nuggets.

Next,  for a cute addition, I cut out small navy stars.  I laid out a strip of small zots on my cricut mat to hold it in place.  Those mats are so darn useful.  I stuck a star on top of each dot, assembly line style, and then added to the tops of the nuggets.

Too Cute!

Only problem is I had to hide them from my hubbie and son or there would have been none left for this weekend.  This is such a great idea to do for little favors, gifts, showers, weddings, holidays.  I love it!  I plan on laying them on my guest pillows this weekend.

Thanks, Robyn for the great idea!

Be Blessed,

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