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Dulce Taylor's Skirt Week

I am having a very special guest blog for me this week.  She is a super talented young woman, who is also smart, beautiful, and MY DAUGHTER!  Can you tell I'm proud?

If you are not already following Dulce, check out her blog here, or visit .  You will be glad that you did.

Enjoy this week as she shows you three totally cute and super simple skirts that you can whip up in no time.

And, now to hand you off to my daughter, Dulce...

Hi everyone, this is Dulce and I am super excited about being a guest blogger on my mom's site this week.
Recently, I made three new skirts. I thought I would share them this week and have a skirt week!!! Here's what you'll see:  It's Skirt Week!!!

I know you're probably asking, "why are they all khaki?" Not the most appealing color I know, but I can wear khaki skirts on my job (I'm a University Ambassador at High Point University). It is so hard to find cute khaki skirts! So I decided to make some myself....and skirt week is the result! 

You will see two tutorials and one future tutorial / downloadable pattern. I hope you enjoy skirt week! And for now have a blessed and sunshiny day!


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